May 22, 2019

Talbot Designs were commissioned to design and fabricate a very large acrylic dome jar for Prostate Cancer UK  for an awareness campaign on the South Bank. The jar had to hold 8-10 men standing together inside. It also needed to be strong and stable to withstand any potential high winds coming of the Thames.  It ended up a whopping 2.6m tall x 1.85m in diameter. The concept was designed to promote the current campaign receiving media attention that “men are worth saving too” hence the savings jar and the #MENWEAREWITHYOU twitter and Instagram hash tag. All the occupants were prostate cancer patients in remission.


Initially we asked for 6 weeks to construct but ended up with only 2 weeks from start to finish ; Not ideal but we relish all challenges so set about designing and setting out the structural drawings.   We constructed a strong rigid clear framework which was then clad with clear material to ensure that the optics were perfect for the photography that was taking place all day. Using a vacuum formed top and bottom which was welded and securely fixed into place using mechanical fixings. A small opening was cut into the rear to allow the occupants easy access and a hole was cut into the top to assist with ventilation and enable any pressure to be equalised to prevent it blowing away. The structure was shipped to site ready and installed by our dedicated team to be ready for 9.30am on the day.

It was then fixed to a clad marine ply base which was then placed directly onto the pavement on the Embankment. We were then back on site 7 hours later to de-rig it as the licence was only granted for the day. Nothing is too much trouble for our team at Talbot Designs. This was literally “all in a days work”.