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Acrylic Plastic Services

As extremely experienced vacuum forming and plastic fabrication experts, we can meet all of your acrylic fabrication requirements. Utilising all the various techniques such as UV bonding, solvent and Tensol bonding, drape forming, vacuum forming and CNC machining, we have supplied industries with acrylic designs since 1947 with consistent high-quality plastic fabrication.

Plastic fabrication is readily used for various types of items and is now more frequently used compared to the likes of glass or metal. This is because plastic can be manipulated for shapes and sizes much easier, whilst also being a more durable type of material to use than glass (depending on how it has been fabricated).

Plastic Extrusion – The method of plastic extrusion is well known for being used to construct the likes of tubes, pipes and sheeting parts in various shapes and sizes. There are commonly two forms in which the method of plastic extrusion is carried out: profile extrusion and sheet extrusion.

Plastic Foaming – The method of acrylic plastic foaming tends to be used in the manufacturing of insulation for industries like construction. It will usually consist of using polystyrene and/or polyurethane being used to form products such as solid plank or bun stock forms.

Plastic Welding – The method of this is much like the welding of metal; plastic welding or moulded plastic fabrication uses heat to its advantage in binding two plastics together.

Plastic Lamination – The method of plastic lamination consists of adding a protective layer to your bespoke fabrication. This will usually be done to an acrylic plastic design, plastic design or actually many types of materials to add style and toughness to the design, especially whereas the product may be able to easily break.

Compounding – The method of compounding consists of plastic fabrication through binding two types of plastic into a single product by forming them into a bespoke shape or size. Compounding uses moulding and heating methods to reach a melting point.

Acrylic Designs and Fabrication Company

We have produced some of the largest polycarbonate and acrylic fabrication products ever made and currently hold the world record for the largest beer bottle ever fabricated in acrylic designs. We supplied a huge 4 section water pressure unit to Stuttgart University for a UK contractor and also work extensively with retail fit out companies in hotels and retail environments. We have 3m+ x 2m+ ovens which are considerably larger than most other fabricators. This means we can drape form larger sheets, up to 50mm thick.

We blow the largest acrylic Teedy™ domes available which are up to 2200mm in diameter. We have a huge range of Teedy™ acrylic domes in stock, which are up to 1800mm in diameter and ready for dispatch within 24 hours. Our acrylic plastic also a range of Teedy™ polycarbonate domes ready to despatch. No one else can offer this service. When it comes to plastic fabrication, we won’t be beaten – we are proud to be the UK’s premier acrylic fabrication specialists, with decades of experience working with Perspex fabrication and acrylic forming under our belt.

Vacuum Forming, Polycarbonate and More

Acrylic fabrication and Perspex fabrication aren’t our only strengths, either – at Talbot Designs, we are able to vacuum-form acrylic plastic, fabricate strong polycarbonate domes, and perform precise CNC and LASER machining to create whatever acrylic design you want. From giant bottles and jars to acrylic domes and retail centrepieces, Talbot Designs has the skill and experience to create the piece that your project needs!

Our acrylic designs manufacturing and Perspex fabrication skills are augmented by top-of-the-range acrylic fabrication techniques and equipment, including our very large ovens, dome blowers and drape-formers, giving us the ability to work to whatever specifications you may have. Whatever the project, just give us a call – if it can be made with acrylic fabrication, there is a good chance we’ve done something like that before and can help you out!

“Only limited by Imagination” still holds true to this day. Acrylic fabrication is what we love to do every day and look forward to every job as each is as different as the next one. For more information, call us on 020 8346 8515 or send us an email – we’ll be happy to help you.

We are also Perspex Approved Fabricators. Using the best processes & best materials to give you the best results…

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