Adobe Londons beautiful feature table

February 21, 2018

Working with emerging artist Zachary Eastwood Brown, Talbot Designs were commissioned to create this stunning 80mm thick centre-piece table for the new colourful Adobe HQ on London’s silicon roundabout. Using Zachary’s 3D files, we programmed our large CNC machine to nibble out the contours leaving the acrylic fabrication with thick and thin relief areas. The effect was stunning and exceeded our expectations of what the result would be.

Garrett Ilg, president of Adobe Europe, Middle East and Africa, said in Business Insider UK: “The office boasts cutting-edge connectivity and technology alongside bright and open areas where teams can meet and work together, as well as quieter spaces for individual work. The White Collar Factory and all of East London provides plenty of downtime and networking opportunities for Adobe employees; we are excited to be a part of such a vibrant and thriving UK community.”

Using our 70 years experience at producing beautiful clean joints, we cemented the 80mm thick legs to the machined top which was slightly nerve-racking as we waited for the cement to harden. Any bubbles would have meant taking the joint apart and starting again – No mean feat when the table weighted 300kgs assembled. Again this is an example of our experience and expertise beating overwhelming odds. It truly is a work of art and Zachary Eastwood Brown should be extremely proud of what he’s designed as we are for what we have made.