Melaphone Defender Counter protection

March 28, 2020

Immediate virus protection for front-line staff. Strong clear acrylic wrap-around screen incorporating the Melaphone Amplifying* Speech Unit which is Cleanroom certified against airborne viruses and bacteria. The unit is easily installed using the supplied drilling template and is held firm to the desk with a pair of high quality steel support brackets. The unit comes ready assembled and can be operational in a matter of minutes. The clear diaphram resonates increasing the sound pass thru and at the same time prevents any transmission of germs, bacteria or viruses through the perforated protective screen.

The Melaphone speech unit can be found in laboratories all over the world for companies such as GSK in countries afar field as Australia, Canada, India and Mexico.Originally developed for British Rail, Melaphone was soon recognised as a very effective barrier against all airborne pathogens and adopted by the clean room industry as a reliable cost effectve front line defence in protecting their staff agaist infection transmission.Now available for general use within the medical industry, your staff can enjoy the same levels of protection that your lab colleagues do.

Rigorously tested to international clean room standards , ISO14644-1 Class 5, the Melaphone speech unit achieved the above standard with ease.

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