Large Feature Flask Tank

September 16, 2017

We created this large feature bubbling water tank for client, Brainlabs to create a wow factor when their clients entered reception.

The tank was just under 8′ high constructed from thick acrylic to take the water pressures involved. The internal brain was handcrafted from GRP and fitted to the tank prior to the front face being cemented. Internally, a large almost-silent recirculating pump was fitted to cope with the weight of water and an air curtain of bubbles was designed to give the effect of a bubbling laboratory flask. The water is almost 100% pure with all trace elements removed. It is circulated through a UV filtration system to kill off any micro organisms and algae that may affect the clarity of the water over time.

All drawings, engineering and design were conducted in-house as was the specification for the water filtration system. Finally the water was dyed blue to match the company logo.