How Can Display Domes Benefit Your Business?

Display domes have various uses that can benefit your business. Whether you want to use them as a marketing tool, a security measure, or as a unique furnishing, their application will guarantee business growth.

Here at Talbot Designs, we have extensive experience in the plastics industry, which has given us the knowledge and creative ability to construct the perfect Teedydisplay domes, including acrylic, plastic and polycarbonate domes, which can be used for the following applications:


The unique nature of acrylic domes will enable your business to stand out from the crowd. This is why it used as an innovative marketing tool for various industries, including the retail sector, where acrylic domes can be used in window displays to attract customers.

One of the most effective ways of engaging customers is by showcasing products in an acrylic dome – highlighting them as a much sought-after item and thus increasing sales.


Plastic and acrylic domes have an incredible ocular ability and extensive durability. This is why they are commonly used to display art or historical artefacts in art galleries and museums, to highlight and protect items effectively.

Our expert designers can customise the size and shape of your chosen display dome, which can span up to 1800mm in diameter for acrylic and plastic domes.


Display domes can be used to transform the aesthetic of your workspace, which is important, as it is often the first impression a customer or potential business partner will obtain, therefore it must look appealing.

When it comes to furnishing and interior design, display domes are commonly used as light shades – particularly in offices, retail stores, museums, exhibitions, and more.

We can work alongside your business to help you create a bespoke light shade for your organisation, which can be used to brighten, highlight, and transform both your workspace and your products.

Safety solutions

Here at Talbot Designs, we stock UV stable polycarbonate domes, which offer sustainable protection for your business.

The most common safety application of polycarbonate domes is their use in playgrounds. They are implemented alongside play area features such as slides and tunnels to shield children from injury, and also protect your business from any unnecessary backlash.

Acrylic and plastic domes can also be used for security cameras, which are essential to any business that wants to protect their premises and products.


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