Types of Acrylic

Acrylic is known around the globe for its durable and well-made structure. It in fact outranks polycarbonate in terms of its ability to withhold heavy loads, though it is not as impact resistant. Actually, it is an excellent substitute for glass and can be found to be up to 17 times as durable as traditional glass.  It is also known to be changeable and can be formed into many different types. It can be fitted for numerous different uses, whichever the manufacturer’s client is in need of. At Talbot Designs, we ensure that we can mould our plastics into many different forms to every client’s demands.

To help you in deciding what type of acrylic is best for your needs (short of contacting us directly), we at Talbot Designs have compiled a number of our best acrylic materials to help you in your decision making.



Clear Acrylic tends to be the most common one used to manufacture acrylic domes due to it being an alternative to traditional glass. People will tend to choose Clear Acrylic over traditional glass in suitable circumstances due to the costs they will be saving (lower price when buying). Due to its extreme flexibility, clear acrylics can be ordered in a variety of different shapes and dimensions. It’s ability to be given a thickness as thin as 1/25th allows it to bend into many different shapes. It is chemical and impact resistant, also finding to be extremely light in weight like the majority of other acrylic sheeting (meaning reduced shipping and handling costs – another reason it is favoured over traditional glass in certain circumstances).



White Acrylic is perfect for those of you looking to have a more opaque material for certain needs. It is a popular material to be manufactured for a number of different factors. It is perfect to be designed into both indoor and outdoor appliances, due to its consistent elegant look that ensures your appliances fitted with it are constantly brimming with cleanliness and beauty. It’s lightweight, much like Clear Acrylic, tends to be up to half the weight of glass. You also find that the material is extremely easy to be kept clean if needs be, and in the long run can be found as fully recyclable.



Coloured Acrylic Sheets are perfect if you are looking for acrylic uses to dazzle and have a real flair. With a great number of different hues to choose from that will make products really pop, Coloured Acrylic can be put to use on a variety of appliances. Light shades, signboards, wall panelling; these and more can make sure your Coloured Acrylic Sheets are put to good use. The material is, again, half the weight of glass. If looking for a type of acrylic sheeting that is both hard-wearing and able to give off a specific aesthetic, look no further than Coloured Acrylic.


Light Diffusing

Light Diffusing Acrylic is the perfect, environmentally friendly answer to a number of things. Due to its ability to die out the full glair of lighting in an age where LED lighting is all the go, it is considered to be a common and effective practice in having Light Diffusing Acrylic. This form of acrylic sheeting tends to be used a lot in appliances such as illuminating signage and calmly dimmed lighting at home in general. For bigger companies, it can be of great use in terms of architectural spectacles to be looked at or impressive purchase displays.


Impact Modified

Impact Modified Acrylic is perfect for that added sense of security. As mentioned earlier, although acrylic can be up to 17 times as strong as traditional glass, it is not as resistant as materials such as polycarbonate. Thanks to Impact Modified Acrylic however, that doesn’t have to be a worry any longer. Impact Modified Acrylic brags to have a similar resistance threshold to polycarbonate. If you worry that this means it will mean spending more money, do not worry; Impact Modified Acrylic remains reasonably affordable and still holds optical clarity, weatherability and increased melt strength.


Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic Mirror Sheeting is a form of acrylic that is also light in weight and considered as a type of thermoplastic sheet. Due to its reflective surface, it acts as a suitable substitute for traditional glass mirrors. Unlike traditional mirrors, Acrylic Mirror Sheeting is scratch resistance, also being crack and shatter resistant. This makes Acrylic Mirror Sheeting perfect for appliances where it would be considered too dangerous for a normal glass mirror; the lighter weight of the acrylic will give the appliance an added safety measure.


Abrasion Resistant Acrylic

Manufactured with a scratch-resistant coating on either 1 or both sides, Abrasion Resistant Acrylic is perfect when looking to rid your appliances or designs of scratches and imperfections due to general wreckage. This type of sheeting is perfect for areas where there can be a lot of human traffic, such as displays in museums and display boxes. It is up to 40 times more resistant to chemicals and marring than normal acrylic sheeting.


At Talbot Designs, we ensure that our acrylic display domes is made to fit whatever purpose you need it for. We want to ensure that our lightweight, durable materials are consistent with our ever-growing praise of customer service feedback. Feel that our acrylic sheets would be perfect for you? Contact us on 020 8346 8515 to make your order or for a general query. Our team of experts are more than happy to assist you in any way possible at Talbot Designs.