Acrylic domes are everywhere, you just don’t realise it yet!

Acrylic Domes

Acrylic domes are a part of everyday life, but they are often an important component of an eye-catching design or practical appliance. Their strong structure helps with many products, allowing for protection and security for a range of sizes that may need to remain in position for a long time. With this in mind, a lot of companies, especially in the entertainment and retail industry have called on Talbot Designs to produce domes of many sizes to help with displays, no matter how bizarre the design.

Intrigued to find out more uses for acrylic domes? Here are some more listed below:

Shopping and retail product display

With an acrylic dome anything is possible! This has meant creativity levels have never been as high in terms of marketing and display, meaning there has been a spike in popularity for the production of acrylic domes. Companies such as Nike and Selfridges have asked us at Talbot Designs to produce acrylic display domes in order to accommodate their products and to make eye-catching effects for a wider display. Creating a visually appealing and intriguing presentation will undoubtably attract more customers and will certainly increase visitors and sales.

Entertainment production

There is a certain wow factor when it comes to acrylic domes that can often be missed at first glance. Sure, we’re not going to pretend that a standard dome is the most visually pleasing thing in the world, however, the level of creativity that can be applied using their sturdy capabilities are endless. Our domes are popular in the entertainment industry, where production has arguably become more important than the act itself in more modern times. This is shown with artists such as Ricky Martin using Talbot Designs provided acrylic domes for his tour, as well as theme park kings Alton Towers using our domes for their signage. If you want to make your act stand out from the rest, a Talbot Designs dome can be just the way to do so.

Light shades

In open plan indoor spaces that will have a lot of visitors such as museums and exhibitions, high-quality lighting is essential, so displays can be read easily, or witnessed from afar. So what is needed for a lot of light? A big light bulb. How are you going to cover a big light bulb? A big light shade! We can produce bespoke acrylic domes that accommodate most sizes to fit any requirement you may have. If you’re unsure of what this may look like or need inspiration, then some acrylic domes we have produced specifically for light shades are available on site.

Practical products

The best example we can give here at Talbot Designs is a surveillance camera. An acyclic design is used here to protect the camera from the elements if placed outside. Having a sturdy design, that we pride ourselves on, is vital in ensuring that the camera isn’t damaged meaning possibly essential footage is lost.

Contact us

Do you happen to have a wacky design in mind? We’d love to hear your ideas for how you would like to use an acrylic dome to benefit you. For any enquiries you may have about our acrylic plastics then feel free to contact our experienced team of professionals by telephone on 020 8346 8515 or email us at If you would like to submit an enquiry without leaving the site, then you can fill out our onsite form and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.