Talbot Designs – About Us

A Bit About Us

Talbot Designs produce bespoke acrylic fabrications. Even after 70 years, we are still 100% obsessed with producing amazing things. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than following a project through to the end and seeing the finished creation leave the factory. We have over 250 years of cumulative knowledge to assist you in producing something truly wonderful, so if you’re looking for acrylic plastic manufacturers, look no further.

Our highly experienced team can handle any complex acrylic design or custom fabrication. We also manufacture high quantity, cost-effective moulded shapes using our computer controlled vacuum forming machines. We can project manage in whole or in part depending on what you need, to ensure you get the best possible result from your acrylic plastic manufacturers and get a truly spectacular end product that meets all your needs.

Talbot Designs are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of acrylic domes, with a huge range of stock domes & dishes available for next day delivery, and the ability to make domes to non-standard sizes if you need something unique. Our acrylic and polycarbonate domes have been the industry gold standard for 70 years – for as long as we’ve been acrylic plastic manufacturers!

The company was established in 1947 and we have been supplying industry ever since. “Only limited by imagination” is our motto – so contact us today with your fabrication requirement, however challenging it may be, we are the acrylic plastic company for you!




Richard Woolff

Plastic and Acrylic has now been part of my DNA for 3 generations. I joined the business in 1989 and I love what I do and love that everyday, I am faced with a different challenges. Sometimes it feels like I am reinventing the wheel everyday as yesterday’s solution is often not today’s solution. I love the challenges that my clients entrust me with to solve and meeting different people from a wide range of different disciplines.


Charles Woolff

Charles has been working with acrylic since the late 1950’s. Always ready to embrace change, there is no chance of moss growing under his chair. He has steered the company through periods of plenty and periods of drought, a visionary in his field and has never shied away from trying a new technique or coming up with a new way to solve a problem.

Production Director

Peter Sharp

What Peter doesn’t know about fabrication isn’t worth knowing. This is the man who manages to keep all the promises that we make. He is pretty much unflappable and knows how to win a staring match with a deadline….everytime.

Our companys' ethos

Only limited by Imagination

To be the best at what we do everyday. To be able to honestly say that we did the best we could, regardless of the outcome. Always remember that we are here only because our clients allow us to be. Forget that important fact and we might as well pack up and go home.

Perspex Approved Fabricator